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EggK-47: The classic, high rate of fire, medium range, never jams
Scrambler: 2 shots - Shotgun blasts do critical damage up close
Free Ranger: Semi Automatic Sniper - Destroy from a distance
RPEGG: Small magazine, medium distance, Big damage!
Whipper: Large Clip full of egg cracking bullets. Close to medium range
Crackshot: Bolt Action Sniper - One-shot stopping power
Tri-Hard: 3-round burst, accurate, medium-range specialist

Latest News

🦃 Thanks to new updates! Gobble up the turkey skins, New Premium Grenade AND introducing Dirt 2!

👑Introducing the VIP Club. Join for as little as $5 per month with 2 premium items, no ads, x2 eggs and more!

💥 Wishlist our latest Cybertronic Synthwave shooter - Nuke Zone!

👨‍💼 Jump in the Merc Zone now - Slide and shoot to victory!

🗺️ Try our block building MMO & earn Level 4 to receive an awesome in-game Shell Shockers item!

About the Shell Shockers io Game

Pick your Egg type Customize your loadout Show everyone what you are made of!

Alt URL: Shell Shockers is a leading free-to-play multiplayer first person shooter .io game based in-browser with no download required. Born from the devious minds of Blue Wizard Digital, founded by the creator of Bejeweled Jason Kapalka, Shell Shockers is a fun, new, free and eggciting video game where eggs from around the world fight for online supremacy in a variety of multiplayer mayhem maps.

Scramble to best your eggy friends and rivals with one of 8 different powerful weapons - Crackshot, Scrambler, Tri-Hard, Whipper, Free Ranger, RPEGG, Cluck 9MM and EGGK-47. Be careful, these other eggs won’t just roll over, they are likewise geared up and will be gunning for your shell!

Join a public server near you and push for the highest killstreak or jump in on a private game to hone your sniping skills, perfect your shotgun timing or practice your EggK recoil. If you make a hit, your egg will crack and show weakness to your opponents, beware, they are out for yolk. A few more hits and you will eggsplode and gooey yolk gets splattered everywhere!

Show everyone what you’re made of by customizing your egg with stamps, weapon skins and limited edition hats! Dominate your server looking good or enjoy dying in style as you jump in for a quick 10 minute battle, or stay for a 1 hour war. You choose from 3 eggstra special game play types - free for all, teams and capture the spatula modes.

What are you waiting for? Get Cracking!

Shell Shockers Game Controls

The Shell Shockers io game uses standard first person shooter controls:

  • WASD keys for movement
  • Left mouse for shooting
  • Spacebar for jumping
  • Shift for aiming
  • E for changing weapons
  • R for reloading